Inspiration for this plugin came from another similar plugin – which worked well for pages. We don’t edit pages as much as we edit posts – so we had to make a similar, but different plugin to suit our needs.

How this plugin came about into being:

We met Jeremy Green of Endocreative at Denver WordCamp 2013 – he’s a very knowledgeable + talented web developer and founder + organizer of the Fort Collins WordPress meetup. So we attended his meetup group a few months after WordCamp – it’s always good to meet new WordPress people to share ideas – it’s what makes the WordPress community not just good, but GREAT!

At the meetup, Jeremy shared his plugin – Page Edit Toolbar and we loved it – the first question was “Can it be changed to shows posts, instead of pages?” – Jeremy’s response, was that he was sure it could, and to have a go at making it. So we did.

During the development of this toolbar, we started with a simple – list the last X number of posts, just as the original page-edit-toolbar had, then we added the “Add New” post link, as we found ourselves using nothing but this cute little menu instead of the main WordPress navigation… especially as we tend to minimize the WordPress side navigation (and we ALWAYS minimize the navbar when using iPad to work on the site) – later we added drafts – because our way of working often results in pages/posts being put together and left for a while – drafts of posts didn’t show up, so we added a little more code and now drafts can be found at the top of the plugin.

The original code has obviously increased in length, we now have a plugin of 406 well commented lines of code and we incremented our “version” to 1.4.7 – but now we have a blogging + page editor menu enhancement that we use EVERY DAY.

Post Edit Toolbar - Post Menu

If you work like we do – between phone calls and email responses, and save your posts as drafts – we think you’re going to love Post Edit Toolbar!

You can obtain the Plugin Post Edit Toolbar – here – we don’t host the plugin – does – this means you can be sure the code is being reviewed and it will be CLEAN of malicious stuff you might get from “privately hosted” code.  We feel this is IMPORTANT – our code is entirely subjected to peer-review!

Options – there aren’t any at this time – if you want to change the number of drafts + posts shown, edit the code – the default is 5 drafts + 5 most recent posts.

  • Click on the ‘Add new’ link to create a new post from scratch.
  • Drafts (if there are any) will be shown next – click on the link to edit that post.
  • Published posts are listed last – click on the title of the post to edit it.

So we would like to THANK Jeremy at EndoCreative for the inspiration, and for NOT just producing another plugin, but for being the inspiration for us to make our own, albeit from his starting point. We hope you find this WordPress Plugin useful.

Support: this plugin is provided ‘as-is’ – use it at your own risk – we are using it on WordPress 4.1.1 at the moment and it has been tested to that level only (so far). Our PHP level tested includes various PHP 5.3 + 5.4 releases – not testing on 5.5+ thus-far. If you have a support issue, please open it in the WordPress plugins support system, and please remember to include your PHP version in your request.

Version details – the current “live” version of this plugin is 1.4.6.


Q. Can I change the number of posts and/or drafts?
A. Yes – you edit the php of the plugin file to do this (we’re going to make these settings you can change within your WordPress GUI)

Q. Can you add code to make the number of drafts + posts a configurable option?
A. Maybe in time – it’s not a high priority for us -but keep an eye out for an update – we have a few small enhancements planned.


If you liked this plugin, feel free to buy me a coffee as a thank you – I’ll use your donation for caffeine boost!

😉 Thank you and enjoy!

an alternative way to “thank the author” – is to buy something from his “post-edit-toolbar” wishlist… there are items on the wishlist from the cost of a coffee “on up”.. 😉

Should we make a premium version?

if there was a premium version of this plugin – what would it do? Would you pay for it? How much would you pay? Let us know!