The 2014 Loveland Valentine is available NOW!

As we’ve done many years before, we have the Official 2014 Loveland Valentine’s Day Card available for purchase through ‘

Official 2014 Loveland Valentines, Available NOW

The 2014 Loveland Valentine is NOW AVAILABLE for online Purchase!

The 2014 Loveland Valentine’s day cards are available from 1-8 quantities,Volunteers stamping some of the 160,000+ cards sent to Loveland! with checkout via PayPal (you do not need a paypal account – any credit card with do) – once complete payment, you finalize your purchase by telling us who each card is destined for. Then provide us an (optional) personalized message, we personalize your card, add valentine hearts, and stamp it with love. Next, we add valentine postage stamps, then we take the cards to Loveland Valentine Station – a temporary post-office which is an official extension of the USPS in Loveland. Loveland Valentine Station is setup especially to handle the 160,000 cards which will pass through Loveland, from more than 120 countries!

With so many valentine’s card passing through the city, the US Postal Service does a fine job of handling the mail. A whole lot of love flows through the volunteers who freely give their time every year. They have to take every card from it’s OUTER envelope, check that the card has proper postage, then stamp the card with the 2014 Valentine Cachet, and cancel the stamp with the Loveland Valentine Station cancellation. The USPS then takes the cards and gets them speeding back to the loved one it is addressed to. For 10 days, volunteers work from early morning until mid-afternoon – amid love and valentine themed music, and enjoying valentine candy, cupcakes and lunches provided by local merchants.

We’ll be posting some photos from Loveland Valentine Station just as soon as they begin cupid’s work!

To purchase the 2014 Loveland Valentine – please visit one of the local merchants stocking them – or purchase online from