There is no getting around it – net requires a programming language…

We were recently asked to build some “buy now” buttons for an user – they didn’t understand that without some kind of web-server side programming language, there is no way to do this.

We’ll try to explain why… the payment gateway expects to receive a MINIMUM of 4 pieces of information

1. the transaction amount
2. a description for the product or service being paid for
3. a username or login ID (this comes from your account)
4. a transaction HASH – this is why you need the programming language!

The transaction hash is generated RIGHT before you transfer the purchaser to the payment page – it must be generated with the other pieces of information – and it must be “fresh” – it isn’t something you can pre-fill – or work out now and use it tomorrow – so it cannot be put into the “buy now” button form as a static piece of information. This is done for security reasons… the hash is part of the security and there is only one way to do this.. live when the payment page is generated – or through a “bounce” page – ie, a page that generates the payment hash immediately between the static page, and the server.

The good folks over at give you the SIM payment method examples in a number of languages – ASP, C#, ColdFusion, Java, Perl, PHP an VB.NET – something in there should work for you… for those of you who aren’t programmers, you can hire someone like us – an developer – who can code the system for you.

We recently handed over a suite of tools for a customer to build them their “buy now” buttons – and to provide the calculated hash immediately before passing the customer over to for final payment.

Total time – 2.5 hrs – including consultation and delivery of a suite of scripts with installation instructions for their webmaster. They should be up and running taking payments just as soon as they take their Auth account out of test mode!

If you need help with any coding – please contact us!