Recently, we learned that ICANN (the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers – or – those folks in charge of domain names & IP addresses) had announced the Domain Registry of America aka Brandon Gray Internet Services aka NameJuice (and hopefully all of their subsidiary companies) – had been suspended from registering or transferring domains until the 17th of October 2014.

If you have ever been in receipt of one of their deceptive “renewal notices” – then you may recognize the name – this is the company that sends out hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) – or letters which are SOLICITATIONS, but deceptively look they are an official renewal notice from your current domain registrar.

Here is an example:

Domain Registry of America Scam Letter

Brandon Gray Internet has operated under a number of different names, depending on the market which they were intending scraping the business from – their letters are (were?) deliberately setup to look like an official “invoice” – but were in-fact, nothing more than a solicitation for business – and an expensive one at at.

Names used by DROA/Brandon Gray Internet include:

  • Domain Registry of America
  • Domain Renewal Group
  • Domain Registry of Australia
  • Domain Registry of Canada
  • Domain Registry of Europe
  • Internet Registry of Canada
  • Liberty Names of America
  • Registration Services Inc.
  • Yellow
  • Internet Corporation Listing Service

for a copy of the official notification from ICANN to Brandon Gray Internet (droa) – click to view the PDF notice posted on the ICANN website.

As mandated by ICANN – the home page of Brandon Gray (Namejuice) now shows a notice that they are not accepting domains – their subsidiary sites (DROA for example) do not – which might indicate they aren’t even in compliance with the terms of their ICANN suspension – which may extend their suspension – we can hope!

Brandon Gray / Domain Registry of America Suspended Notice on their website