We’ve recently met a number of upset website owners – and the common element is they’re MAD at their web development company in Northern Colorado.

Why? Because they were sold a website, but were told that they didn’t own that website after the fact.

How does that happen we hear you ask… well… it’s not quite deception, but there is a failure to understand how the developer works.

Some web developers (not limited to NoCo) work on the basis that you either RENT the website, or the system that edits the website.  Yes, this very website you paid them to build, is something you’re renting, even if you supplied the text and the images and spent many hour of your own work on.  So they built a website with your name all over it… and if you decide to stop paying their monthly rental charges, your website goes away – you cannot take it with you.

We know!!  That’s horrible… but it’s NOT how we operate.

The way we work, is that we build your website and when you pay us the final balance, we assign all our rights over to you.  We believe this is how it should be, and this is how we have always worked.

To use an analogy, we consider how we build website to be similar to how a furniture maker builds you a table… when we get paid, the table is yours.  If you later decide to move the table – or to change the color, or cut the legs off.. that is ENTIRELY up to you.

Now, we must caution you that some things we cannot assign to you. For example, the images (like the one on the left here of the lady who is mad-as-heck). We don’t own the rights to that image; it is a free-to-use, royalty-free image that we found for this article – we don’t own the rights, to it, so we could not assign those rights to you if it was on your website.  But text we write, or edit, or layout; the coding and all things built for you, as far as we can, we assign to you.

If your web developer doesn’t work this way – don’t use them.  Get what you paid for!

Contact us to ask us how much your website would cost to build – and to own.. we’re easy to work with, and the finished product is yours.