Dear web hosting customers…

If you are having email problems – here is how to fix it…

We are in some exciting times… at the moment we’re in process of moving all our hosting clients to NEW SERVERS – and a NEW control panel – this means that to setup any new email accounts, you must use the new control panel – to manage your hosting account – again, the new control panel must be used. Your old account on the old control panel still works – but it is talking to the old servers – and your site is one of the first to move – it has already been moved to the NEW hosting infrastructure.

Both New and OLD control panels can be accessed here:

On the left is the old Control Panel – known as “HSphere”
On the right is the NEW control panel – known as “Parallels”

Your login information for both Control Panels is the same – whatever username and password you used on the old one, was migrated to the new account in Parallels.

Your mailserver should be accessed for both POP3 and SMTP/IMAP as:


If you need to use SSL for connection to the server for sending mail – you must use the proper server name – we recommend against this though – just use the username/password any encryption method TLS – if you see any warnings about the SSL – accept those and store the change in Outlook/Thunderbird – and your email will flow.

Any of your email accounts which have or will continue to be able to send email for a while – please make sure everyone changes to mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM though – so that when we decommission the old mailservers – your email is still able to be sent.

If you used webmail on any accounts – please use the NEW webmail at:

http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN.COM/ << Please NOTE – webmail. – not mail.

To setup new email accounts – or manage existing email accounts – you MUST make changes inside the NEW control panel for them to take effect – any changes made in the old control panel will not work – as those changes are affecting servers that you no longer use.

If you use any FTP or website upload programs – these should reference your own domain – YOURDOMAIN.COM – NOT the old server – for instance – if you were on – your site is no longer there… if you use your domain name to connect to your site – not the server name, you will be getting to your correct website – not the old copy before you moved … We have left copies of your site on the old servers and will do for at least a few weeks – so it is important that you use the correct copy… and check any changes you might make.

Kind regards

Greg Hewitt-Long

ps – please replace “YOURDOMAIN.COM” – with Your domain – ie, if your domain is – your email server is!