Customers will often call us saying they are having “email problems” – and this is like telling your mechanic that you have “car problems” – this is not enough information to provide a detailed diagnosis, in-fact, it is nowhere close to enough information. This short article lists common problems – and gives you some solutions – sometimes you can find the problem quickly and fix it without support from us – often the problem relates to the recipient – and is beyond our control completely (such as a full mailbox).

Things to consider:

  • are you experiencing problems on both send and receive of email?
  • did the problems just start – or have you experienced them for a while?
  • are these problems with one recipient or multiple recipients?
  • if multiple – are these at different domains – ie, one and one or similar?
  • is the problem only present when sending attachments, or also small text only emails?
  • have you read the email failure message – it often explains the problem.

The reason to work through this checklist is that the problem will often present itself…

Common problems & Solutions:

  • your antivirus has interfered with email transmission – try disabling your antivirus and checking sending/receiving again
  • your new device is misconfigured and your old device is working fine – did your old machine work ok?
  • your recipient email address is wrong – even if responding to an email they sent – people put their “reply-to” into their machines wrong and you cannot respond!
  • your IP address may be on a blocklist or black-list – check if you are blacklisted.
  • the recipient domain or email server might have issues (like forgetting to renew their domain) – wait and resend the email later.
  • your email size might be too large (attachment size limits might have been reached) – use a ZIP program to compress the attachment, or a file-exchange service like “Dropbox” – and send the mail without the large attachment.
  • our mailserver might have been blocked or blacklisted – this can happen if customers do not follow the terms and conditions of web hosting (our rules) – if they send bulk email when they are not supposed to – even sending to an “opt-in” list can generate complaints which can have a knock-on effect to other customers – please don’t send bulk email without talking to us!
  • your recipient might have used all their quota – if their mailbox is FULL – email can be bounced back to the sender – if this happens, call or speak to the recipient about emptying their junk perhaps – we can only help with email quota exceeded errors when the recipient is also hosted on our servers.
  • the email server receiving your message might determine that your message “looks like junk” – and reject it because it “does not like it”
  • the recipient email server may insist on your email being sent using a validation method, such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – contact us to setup SPF for your domain.
  • problems collecting email normally relate to the wrong settings, or username + password – please check them carefully!

These are just a few issues – and the first steps to finding out which of these are your particular problems, comes down to learning how to read the bounce or error message – here is an article on how to read email error messages.

You can always contact us for support – but it will help to know what the basic problem is – it could be as simple a typo in the recipient’s email address!