After more than a year of testing, Facebook has rolled out a like button feature that many (millions + millions) of users have been requesting for years… like button with emotions. Facebook is calling these new buttons ‘Facebook Reactions’.

Now you will be able to express your emotion about a post, instead of simply ‘like’ it. You will have the choice to ‘Like’, ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’, or ‘Angry’ a post.

To use the new ‘Like’ emotions, simply hover over the old ‘Like’ link, and a range of emotions will appear – click the one you want to express about this post…

Hover over the Like button to see extra emotions- Facebook Reactions

Hover over the Like button to see extra emotions – click the one that fits how you feel about a post.

On mobile devices, hold the like button down, and the emotions, or ‘Facebook Reactions’ should appear. If you don’t see them yet, make sure you updated your Facebook app and wait, hopefully not too long – Facebook Reactions is rolling out globally (said to be available now).

Facebook’s new ‘Like button’ Now Available Globally