Is your business running a special to coincide with the Holidays?  Get your stock photos now…

Get your Halloween Clipart or Royalty Free Photos

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How about a Halloween Deal?  If you want to grab someone’s attention, one great way is through the use of high-quality imagery.  This can come in the form of either Clip-Art – or – Photography.

Any small business should always source their images from a reputable website – this will avoid the risk of using a copyright photo or image without permission.

You could stage your own photo shoot, or hire a graphic artist – both of which are likely to cost from many hundreds into the thousands of dollars… or, you could buy affordable stock photography from a website like

So why use stock photos as opposed to finding a free photo?


Breadth and depth of Stock Photos available:

Stock photos are a great way to create compelling ads or promotional material. With the a vast array of unique and amazing photos from all around the world, you can buy images that convey a rich and professional appearance for your product or design.

Risk of using a copyright photo:

You can search all day and find the perfect image – a Google Search advised you that the image was ‘Free for Commercial Use’ – and yet, it was found on pinterest, and was uploaded by someone who didn’t own the copyright.  ie, it was not an open-source, or free-to-use photo at all.  Google’s search engine may have decided the image was ‘free’ simply because it was found on pinterest (those images are free – but you can still upset the photographer if you don’t credit them).  Maybe it actually belonged to a photographer who demands ‘photo credit’; or worse still – a company which specializes in suing companies who use their images (known as a copyright troll).  Yes, these companies exist – and they sue for a living!

Budget Friendly Pricing:

Stock photos are often available from as little as a dollar – yes, for as little as $1 – you can own the rights to use a photo for your website or your promotional brochure.  Although higher resolution images typically start at $5-10, a print job would be well served by buying the higher resolution version of the image.  If you think you can get even a friend of family member to take the same quality of photo for so little, we invite you to try.  Short of being married to a professional photographer, we think the task would prove impossible.

Time Savings:

Most Stock Photo websites have very well put together search facilities – and features such as ‘lightboxes’ – where you can clip a shortlist of photos which might fit your project.  Share the lightbox with your colleagues or friends & family – and have them help you decide on the photos which have best impact for your marketing efforts.

We’re sure we could go on and on about the pros of using stock photos – but in short – they’re affordable, they’re risk free (as long as you buy the appropriate license), and you will get your project done quickly, affordably, and on-time.

Quick - get your turkey photos now!

Quick – get your turkey photos now!

The Stock Photos used in the article are ‘Comp’ images from – which means they were NOT bought from them.  The links in this article are to the images using our affiliate link.  If you need photos on almost any topic, 123rf (and others) are sure to have the images you need.