internet explorer 10Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE10) – the browser that is bundled with all versions of windows – it is about to be offered to you as an “Important” windows update.

Benefits of Internet Explorer 10 are:

  1. Faster: at least 20% faster than Internet explorer 9 in some tests
  2. New Features: Pinned sites, built-in spellcheck + works well with Windows 7+above
  3. Safer: SmartScreen has been enhanced and Tracking protection has been added

Should you upgrade?

Our initial testing yielded no problems with any sites that worked well with Internet Explorer 9 – and some sites that needed “compatibility mode” to display well have actually appeared to work better in IE10 than in the previous version (IE9)… so our recommendation would by to upgrade!

If you are a site owner:

We recommend that all site owners upgrade at least ONE of their PCs as quickly as possible – you need to check that your websites work with IE10 – if not, get hold of your web developer – and tell them which pages, sections or features are not working as you need them to. You should be aware, that most web developers (us included) – will probably charge fix sites that don’t work with the new IE10 – because there is no way to know if Microsoft changed something and that broke the site – all investigative and coding fixes are likely to be billable time.

How to get it:

There are two ways to get Microsoft IE10 –

1. Run Windows Update
2. Visit the IE10 Download Page