OK – so your WordPress got hacked…

First – as it says in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Don’t panic!

Now – assuming you have a backup of your site – we recommend that you restore from backup – both the database – and the files – and go back to the last time you know the site was good … oh… you didn’t install a backup tool?

WordPress got hacked - now Hackers are attacking your customers...Hmm… tricky…. because removing all the hackery from a WordPress installation is not easy.. but it can be done.

First – backup everything that’s hacked – the database – the files – everything – download that to a safe place – because we might break stuff cleaning up your site!

Next – login to the backend and upgrade all the plugins + wordpress core – one by one – reinstall the core if need be – after every step – check the site to make sure it works still.

Now – are you still hacked? Check the site and see if your Antivirus goes nuts!

Hmmm… it’s probably in the theme – restore your theme backup… don’t have one?

Call us – or signup for a cleanup service like Sucuri – where you can pay to get cleaned up… they’ll even help you get de-listed from the blacklists maintained by Norton, McAfee + Google (to name just a few).

Finally – you’ll need to check every entry in the database – hacked will often insert code into your pages, your posts, the descriptions of your images etc – and a full review of the database content will be needed to ensure that your site is fully ‘cleaned’ … to fully clean your hacked wordpress or other cms – you were do need to know what you’re doing…

Sucuri can help with un-hacking your site for a number of systems:

  • a hacked WordPress
  • a hacked Joomla
  • Hacked Drupal
  • a hacked Magento
  • Hacked osCommerce
  • a hacked vBulletin
  • Hacked phpBB

and much, much MORE!!