Dear customers,

recently we have seen the number of attack attempts on our hosting servers go through the roof – the attacks are many and varying – these can be attacks on your WordPress, or your Drupal, or Joomla installation – or attacks on your FTP or email credentials (login+password).hacker behind laptop with code

Recently, we have had a few “easy” password guessed. Each time the password was guessed, the cyber-criminals have sent out thousands of emails through our servers. This causes us a lot of work to get the servers off of “blacklists” – which are lists of servers which reputable email providers use to determine if they should accept emails. We just don’t allow our customers to use bulk email through our servers, instead directing customers to bulk email services like Constant Contact, or Mailchimp (our favorite).

The increasing sophistication of these cybercriminals means it is harder + harder to detect them as they try to break into your email account – if they do manage to get in, they have the potential to steal your email – or they send email out in your name – this can harm your business reputation, and it gets our mailserver onto a ‘Blacklist’ – which makes delivering your emails to your customers and contacts difficult.

Rest assured, we continue to block the scammers as we find them trying to break down the door, but they are getting more difficult to tell apart from legitimate customers, and we strive to never block our valued customers from accessing their own data!

When we take a hit from these scammers abusing the system – we all pay. Web Your Business has to spend hours to days clearing up the mess – and you, our loyal customers, have to pay with delayed emails.

That is why it is important for you to have multiple layers of defense.

1. do not use easy to guess, or attack passwords
2. do not use the same password on your website as you do for you important banking websites!!
3. run a good quality antivirus (such as ESET Antivirus).

If you are one of our customers who we have identified as having a weak password – you will shortly receive and email from Greg – that email will list your weak password, and provide you a NEW password. This email is being sent out at 1PM on Monday the 12th of May, 2014 – or thereabouts. We will change weak password to stronger ones at about 2PM.

If you don’t get this email, we’re sorry – please call us at: 970-593-6260.

If you came to this page from the link in the email – this blog post is to serve as confirmation, that yes, we are sending you this email and it is legitimate – we DID change your password and we *ARE* Web Your Business – your web host.

However – please call us if you want confirmation – but PLEASE – do NOT change your password back to a weak one. We are getting serious about safety of your password – and you should also.

kind regards

Greg, Dianne + the WYB Team