Inspiration for this plugin came from the ubiquitous plugin – ‘Hello Dolly’ – written by Matt Mullenweg, and included in every WordPress distribution – EVER.

How this plugin came about into being:

We were feeling a little down, having worked our rears off on a design – to have it approved, and later rejected by a previously silent partner in a project. The resulting project was a WordPress disaster – the design was not to our liking, the color scheme was just bizarre, bordering on color-blind madness… and this had badly affected our demeanor.

So – to cheer ourselves up – we thought we’d take ‘Hello Dolly’ – and tweak it. Instead of delivering random lyrics from the song ‘Hello Dolly’, we wanted random words of encouragement, happiness and inspiration.

And to be clear – this “royal we” – was Greg – he was peed off – to put it mildly.

The stage was set … the mission clear… apart from beer, the words would flow, and happiness would ensue.. well – maybe.

The goal of ‘random happiness’ is to bring random cookie sized bites of happiness or humor to your screen – much like the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin did (or does) for the many fans of music (and Matt Mullenweg). Time, they are a changin’ – and Matt’s original plugin was a little ‘single minded’ – our thought is to provide monthly updates, multiple topics, fun, humor and some business tips + hints.

You can obtain the Random Happiness – here – we don’t host the plugin – does – this means you can be sure the code is being reviewed and it will be CLEAN of malicious stuff you might get from “privately hosted” code. We feel this is IMPORTANT – our code is entirely subjected to peer-review!

Support: this plugin is provided ‘as-is’ – use it at your own risk – we are using it on WordPress 4.0 at the moment and it has been tested to that level only (so far). Our PHP level tested includes various PHP 5.3 + 5.4 releases – not testing on 5.5+ thus-far. If you have a support issue, please open it in the WordPress plugins support system, and please remember to include your PHP version in your request.

Version details – the current “live” version of this plugin is 1.0.


Q. Can I change the quotes?
A. Yes – you create a happiness library in the includes file – copy an existing file and edit it.

Q. Can I share my happiness with others?
A. Sure – give away your happiness library – or contact us – we’ll be including user-submitted happiness quotes in our ‘user-submitted’ happiness library!

Q. Where are the ‘happiness libraries’ found?
A. inside the plugin folder, you will find a folder named ‘inc’ – there will be a number of files – those are the happiness libraries.

Q. Can we translate this plugin to your language?
A. We may in time, but we have to earn a living – this plugin is free – if you want to help, translate + help us out here.


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😉 Thank you and enjoy!

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