In recent months, we’ve been working on sites needing a make-over or website redesign – the reason is simple: websites need to work well in all browsers. All browsers today is very different from ‘all browsers’ of even a few years ago. We’ll explain…

If you built your site more than 3 years ago, it is long past time you considered revamping your website. The web has moved on!! Some sites have 50% or more visitors on mobile devices these days, and that means your site should work well on small screens. That can mean a separate mobile site (we don’t recommend this route), or your site needs to be ‘responsive’. This means – a website redesign!

What is responsive?

The site will react to the width of the screen available to it, so that on a desktop or laptop, the site looks good, while on a notepad or iPad, the site looks good and on a phone, the site STILL looks great. This is accomplished by assigning elements to ‘scale’, or disappear, or to ‘bunch up’. The perfect example is the menu of pages. We’re sure you’ve seen a ‘hamburger’ menu – the 3-slice icon which indicates there is a menu choice available. These features and more make a site ‘responsive’.

How much does a site redesign cost?

Redesign and deployment onto a content management system, with training to use the tools to maintain your own site starts at $500. The site we used here as an example of a before + after (Purrfect Fur Cat Grooming), was at the lower-end of the price-line.


  • Content Management System
  • Site Content Migration + Layout
  • Responsive Theme Setup + Testing in iPhone + iPad
  • Before + After Galleries Setup from Client Images
  • Old Site Pages Redirected for Search Engines
  • WordPress Security Hardening

All these features + more will keep the search engines and site visitors happy – without breaking the bank!