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Social Media Marketing - only part of the Social and Visibility Marketing Mix

SEO – wow … do you have all day?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO – is the process of building the site in a way which makes it easy for the search engines to find and index your content – to categorize this content and to rank it in a way which provided you results when customers and prospective customers search for phrases which match your content.

That said – the SEO ‘game’ is ever changing.

It is also different for different types of websites.  If you have a local business with no need for national results, the strategies employed are different from those we would use for an ecommerce website which wishes to sell their products nationally or internationally.

It would take several hours to explain how we go about this – so we’ll not even BEGIN to explain it here.

Just reach out and contact us if you want to discuss your SEO goals with us.


Ahh, the most social of social networks. If you have a facebook account, you might be catching up with old friends, with family and with some of the brands you use regularly. But are you actually ‘engaging’ with them on Facebook? We doubt it. Why?

Because engagement on Facebook isn’t easy – corporations with tons of money and ad-agencies getting paid millions can still get it wrong.

The good news? It doesn’t take a budget of millions to do it RIGHT… it does take time, effort and a little knowledge.


It is what is… Instagram!

Did you know that Forrester calls Instagram the ‘king of social engagement’ – yeah – I bet you didn’t know that.


Call us – meet with us – bring the beer even… we’ll spill the beans…


In the same way that Google enhances your results if you play their ‘Google+ Game’, if you have video content, then the place to host it is on YouTube.

YouTube also has it’s very own search within the platform – and this search with properly integrated video content can drive web traffic to your own site.

Using YouTube for your social media outreach will pay dividends for all Video Content.


The holy grail of search is Google – there is no denying it. As Google has worked it’s way through various incarnations of their own Social Media platforms, those that ignore Google’s very own social platform do so at their peril.

If you want to get better results – you play the Google game. At the moment – that game is Google+ and YouTube. Using these channels for your social media outreach will pay dividends.


With a mere 280 characters to say what you need to say; to tag your message and engage your audience and get your message out. #challenging

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(remember when we only had a 140 character limit?)


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