Website Design

Modern website design is 'responsive' - so that is just looks good on multiple display types.

Modern website design is ‘responsive’ – so that it just looks good on multiple display types. Good website design is more than just eye candy. Read the 5 Things That Make a Good Website.

Not every business is the same, so why should their websites be? Recognizing this means that every website design is unique to the business it represents.

As much as possible, we employ these 5 tips for good website design:

  1. Keep the website design clean + clutter free – don’t make it hard to find your information.
  2. Do your homework – what works for competitors + what doesn’t; can you use their research?
  3. Use visual hierarchy – learn where the eyes travel to effectively convey your point.
  4. Your text should be easy to read – no fancy fonts making your website hard to read!
  5. Get your mobile site sorted out – SmartPhone + tablet visitors just increase over time.

Our experienced team will listen and discuss with you your business goals so as to offer website design that is either a customized or template based solution that is scalable to fit your business. Let’s sit down and talk!