Website Re-Designs

Let’s face it, sometimes sites go “bad” and they start to… how do we put it? Stink.

If your site hasn’t changed in months (or years), the search engines will notice; and we don’t mean in a good way. Search engines rank sites on content, but also on how relevant and recent that content is. If it hasn’t changed in years, anyone visiting will notice. But the chances are that your site visitor numbers started to fall off a long time ago.

If your website is outdated, what does that say about your business? So, besides aesthetic appeal, there are some very valid SEO based reasons why a site should be reworked with a website re-design from time to time.

Even if the design changes are minor, the search engines notice that you’re staying on top of your website, if the content is still relevant, you have solid SEO and you have some links inbound to your content, you’ll get a good ranking in most search engines. The reason for this is because search engines want to show relevant and up-to-date information to their visitors. If they don’t, and serve up “old” out of date content the browsing public won’t use them. So, it’s imperative that your site remains “fresh”.

We offer website re-design, content management tools and training which will help you keep your site “fresh” and help you to gain and retain visitors. Let’s get your site cleaned up!