WordPress and WordPress Managment

The beauty of WordPress is that it is free – the trouble with WordPress is that it is free.

This means if you want help, there isn’t somewhere definitive to turn to. Many people start building their site with WordPress, select a poor starting theme, or just get lost. The end result of a WordPress site build can be spectacular, but the end result for those that don’t know the system can fall far short.

Enter ‘Web Your Business’ – we help you with your WordPress!

WordPress is free – and that means anyone can download the source and dig around. And we mean ANYONE. That means bad-guys as well as good-guys.

Chances are, if you have a WordPress site – it’s being probed by bad guys.

Do you know how to keep them out?

Are you updating your plugins the same day the updates become available? You need to be!!

If you are too busy building your business, and we hope you are – then let us take the strain… we manage WordPress sites for lots of customers and we can manage yours too!

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WordPress – we build on that – we host that… we are WordPress!

Through our web hosting division – AAA Business Hosting – we offer WordPress Hosting!

As a long time builder of sites and a host of WordPress websites, we know a thing or two about how to keep your WordPress safe. Let us take the strain of WordPress Backup, updates to plugins, core WP files and more.

With our managed WordPress plans, you just need to add your content and focus on your business, we’ll take the worry out of WordPress management for you.

More information on WordPress Hosting is here.