Website Design

Designing a site is different for every client! We provide you with a-la-cart pricing to help you budget each element you want in your website.

We offer designs to fit anyone’s budget.

  • Completely Customized Designs
  • Affordable Templated Designs
    1. Whether starting from “napkin sketches” or your advertising agency’s design brief, we’ve probably worked from something similar before.

      This is not to say that your site is going to be the same as anyone else’s, but that we have a broad range of clients, and have worked on website designs from the loosest design brief, all the way to briefs which specify the font weight, as well the font style and size!

      After our design consultation, we generally produce a couple of ‘mock-ups’ of your website design – which show you how your site might work – these are the starting point for tweaking the design into the site you will eventually see… over the next few days, we’ll finalize the design with your input, and finally ‘cut’ the template into it’s pieces. Then the fun begins… search engine optimization begins here…

      Unfortunately, many web design “experts” are primarily graphic artists, marketing companies, or other related professionals – we are web solutions providers FIRST AND ONLY!

      We will not attempt to tell you how to brand yourself, but instead build your web site to remain consistent with your existing branding!

      This means that we understand what it takes to create a web solution that provides a positive return on investment – and this is how we begin – working from the ground up to ensure that you get the best return for your web site spend – after all, you don’t want waste your money, and we want you to tell all your business associates who provided your web solution!

      Since 1996 we have been providing web site solutions for businesses both near and far…

      It has been an interesting ride since way back before Google™ even existed – all the way to the current day; we have built web solutions for businesses from one-man (or woman) bands, through to intranet solutions for GE Capital companies.

      Solutions have varied as widely as our client list; from single page Stage 1™ sites, through to complete e-commerce web solutions & online database application.

      We weathered the “dot-bomb” storm because we provide solutions that fit our clients’ needs – if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be!